There is great spirit of the land and the people who live and lived here… Ancient Medicine Wheels…Talking stones, Buffalo stones, Teepee circles and cactus…

Bar Diamond Guest Ranch


Jim Hearn from the Bar Diamond Guest Ranch shared his story of living here and being the Steward to this land since 1971. The lodge is built from logs that broke loose from a log barge in 1903… you’ll find log cabins up and down the Red Deer River. People salvaged the logs from the river… years later the log company tried to reclaim the logs…the new owners simply said “Sure come and get em”… “I take care of the ranch (36,000 acres) and she takes care of me and our guests” (speaking endearingly of Carol Hearn). Married 43 years, they met when she was sitting on the fence and he just finished riding a bull in the rodeo… Jim says Carol has a different story but you’ll have to ask her…Lots of spark left in the eyes of these two charmers…Carol says she is very happy having been a principal and a school teacher and now she’s a molly maid… Jim shared how his morning went watching the Elk, Deer, Pheasants, Geese, Antelope, Prairie Chicken and more pass through the meadow below and the majestic ridges above… - Tom

Inspire Cafe, Medicine Hat


Inspire Cafe is in a building from 1901-1912, transpired from tents to bricks… the building that is now the heart of Medicine Hat grew from the land… from the new to the old. The good to the hard life…then to empty lives to full of art… The co-owner Maureen states, “When life got hard, art moved in. I love the Café as I do the Hat!”... The walls are blessed with Maureen’s view of “halo’d” children and chickens seen from a well bottom as they looked down on her. (Maureen fell down a well and was trapped for 24 hours. Only her 3-year old son and the chickens knew she was down there. As they peered down the well, she saw the halo of light around them. After figuring out she wasn’t going to be rescued, she wiggled her way up the well. The spirit of her adventure is captured in 16 pieces of her art. That lasting memory is seen on her canvases.) - Tom

Aspen Crossing, Mossleigh, AB


A pure and welcoming gem, this is a train station… It was a spur on the CPR…14 miles of track that runs the “Polar Express” in December and a romantic track in the summer. We met visitors Eric and Savanna heading out for the weekend to fish and swim in the glass lakes. Maybe rock climb and watch their dog run away for three days… We had a great lunch (Clam Chowder) served by a young lady who lived here most of her life and left to discover the world. Found it and brought it back…we sat in John Diefenbaker’s CPR dining car…This was a special moment for me because my mom used to bake Saskatoon Berry pie and J.D. would come to the diner where she worked especially for that pie… these are the ties that bind!...welcome to #myBadlands… - Tom

Medicine Hat Farmers Market


We met Bill and Jo-Anne who lived in Cambridge Bay 20 years… had lots of choices to go when they left...but they chose Medicine Hat in the Badlands as a place to call home. They're now living in a very nice RV, 6 months here and 6 months somewhere else…the “here” is very important, the somewhere else, not so much… They live in the moment. When they go afar, they have the freedom to move when they don’t like the neighbors. :) We then met Stella…the honey lady… Bringing sweets from Saskatchewan to bread in the 'Hat… honey to a bee. The singing chef that would BEE king. The hometown beauty queen, sweet as the honey. We loved Stella! - Tom

MEDALTA, Medicine Hat


A century old ceramic factory that has many lives…captured in clay pots and urns…in some cases we stop in time just long enough to get a sense of its place in history… humble stories told by a proud and astute curator… shared secrets that evolve in real time and captured by the eye of magical urns…a magic that can only be experienced first hand… - Tom


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